This is a creative environment where no one is limited by circumstance. A place of opportunity, discovery and creative collaboration thriving deep in the heart of an urban community. Old Market Manor is a factory situated in the Old Market area of St Philips, Bristol. It is a community-built, community-led Maker-space. A craft and design centre, built by people who are dedicated and passionate about making.

We are becoming a space where practical makers can share the skills of their craft and train, inspire, collaborate and mentor. Our ambition is to create a sustainable business model for the community, to provide affordable access to machinery, training and vocational classes across multiple disciplines. By investing in this way we are committing wholeheartedly to both the present and the future, engendering skills and well-being for both the city and its people, contributing to Bristol’s vital backbone – it’s ever-growing creative economy.

Our Story

Old Market Manor will provide an affordable solution for those who require workshop or studio space. It will give designers and makers access to temporary and permanent bench spaces, affordable by the week or month. It will also accommodate longer term business with resident spaces for them to base and incubate their business in a inspiring creative venue.

The facility will offer a joinery and furniture making workshop, with all of the machines and equipment found in commercial business, as well as metal fabrication. There will also be a jewellery sector, occupied by a shared studio space that will have some equipment to use. With spaces for creative workshops, allowing people to have their own space to expand their creative businesses.