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Elements Design was founded in 2011. Their goal is to improve access to well designed furniture, using sustainable, reclaimed and re-purposed materials. Producing contemporary, bespoke free-standing and fitted furniture. All of their designs are made with materials that are available locally through a network of reclamation specialists and sustainably driven suppliers. Elements' products first serve a purpose, then they dig deep into the materials which shape the look and feel of the finished design.

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The key to sustainability is endurance. By combining modern joinery techniques with timeless designs our products are stylishly and practically enduring.

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Elements also offers a carpentry service to cover all aspects of your domestic and commercial needs. From first fix and finishing carpentry  to designing kitchens, or designing and building outdoor spaces like decking and covered areas. 

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An approachable friendly skilled team, that can cater to the smallest home alteration or the biggest grand design.